Commonly Asked Questions

Is there anything I need to do if I am planning to bring in a group of kids who are not mine?

Before bringing in kids who are not yours, we suggest having their parents/legal guardians review our waiver.  They can do this on our website,  We can never advise signing a waiver for a child who is not your own, so having this process done prior to coming is very helpful!

Do I need to review the waiver every time I attend the park?

Waivers are good for 1 year.

Can I wear socks from other parks?

Sawmill Jump Socks are required in our park.  Once purchased, they can be used for future visits.

Do I need to purchase a pass to watch my kids jump?

No, you are welcome to walk on the deck of the park to watch jumpers without purchasing a pass.  

I don’t necessarily want to book a party but am just going to bring in a bunch of kids.  Can I reserve a table and bring in a cake?

We do not reserve tables and don’t allow carry-ins unless you have a booked party.  It is fine to bring in a group of kids and grab an open table, if available.  

What is all included with a paid admission?

A paid admission will give you access to all attractions in the park.

Can I drop off my kids and leave?

Children 14 and under should have an adult present while using our facility.

Is there an age limit in the park?

Children under 3 years old may have to stay in the toddler area during normal business hours.  This area is gated within the park and has a nine grid trampoline court, a foam pit, and a climbing wall.  It is reserved specifically for children under 36” and a pass is $9.00.

Are there any height restrictions in the park?

The only attraction, other than the toddler area, with a height restriction is the Stunt Jump. This has a minimum height restriction of 52”.

Is there anything we should know before attending the park?

We strongly recommend your family views our safety video before attending.  It will prepare you and your kids for the safety standard we expect to be followed in our facility.  It can be found on our website, as well as in the park.

Can I reserve jump time before I come?

You can purchase reservations online!  When attending the park with a pre-purchased jump pass, you will come to the express line to check-in. Your ticket number can be found in your Aluvii portal account or we can search your name when checking in. Tickets purchased online cannot be refunded if you are late or do not show up. Waivers should be reviewed on our website before purchasing tickets online.

Do I need to make reservations to use your facility?

No, you do not need to pre-buy jump passes!  We also accept walk-ins.

Is there a wait if we just come without a reservation?

There is occasionally a wait. We only allow around 100 jumpers on the court at all times.  When we reach 100 people, we have to wait until our system shows us that there is availability.  Typically there is turnover within the park every 15 minutes. We do our best to keep the line informed if there is a wait and how long it may be.  

Is there a weight limit on the trampolines?

Our trampolines have a weight capacity of 300 lbs.  The smaller toddler court is 125 lbs.  

How does the Thursday Toddler Time work?

Children 4 and under are welcome to Toddler Time.  $5.00 gains them access to the entire park from 10am-12pm.  Parents are welcome to purchase jump socks for themselves to interact with their kids, however, they do not need purchase a pass for themselves.  

Does the mini-golf run similar to the trampoline park, where I can buy reservations online?

No, the mini-golf has a separate check-in process and it is first come, first serve only.  You can check in for mini golf at the mini golf shack located in front of the course.